Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Chapter 1

CJ and I were getting ready to head to Vegas, we were going for the NHL Awards that my brother Patrick Sharp gave us two tickets for the Awards in Vegas. Patrick plays for the Chicago Blackhawks. CJ and I live in Pittsburgh while my brother plays in Chicago. I always go and see him when I can which is every few months. I finished getting dressed as we got ready and headed out.

My outfit:

CJ's outfit:

We grabbed our bags as my brother had a car service come and get us. It was nice of Patrick to do all of this for us. My brother is my best friend although he tends to be a pain in my ass. He hates the guys I date and always had.

"LC, ready to go?" CJ asked.

"Oh yes, the car service is here?" I asked her.

:"Yes lets go and hit some of that nice weather there in Vegas." She said as I laughed.

"I love taking vacations with you." I said as we laughed together.

"Why is that?"

"Because you always get excited and always make me laugh when we do." I said as she smiled.

"I am one of a kind." She said as we walked outside with our bags and headed into the car service.

"So where are you ladies off to?" The man asked.

"Vegas for her birthday and for an event." I said.

"You do know that the awards are in Vegas for the NHL so it will be extra busy." The man said.

"I know that is why we are going." CJ said.

The car ride was full of talking between CJ and I. She has been my best friend since we were kids. More importantly she been through everything with me and never judged me once. We got to the airport as the guy pulled up and helped us with our luggage.

"So CJ what do you want to do when we get there?"

"Check in and go for the pool." She said.

"Sounds awesome." I said as she smiled.

We checked in through the airport as we headed through security checkpoint. I grabbed my purse and placed it as I walked through and grabbed my stuff. I grabbed my flip flops and placed them back on my feet. CJ walked through as we both grabbed our bags and headed for the terminals. We got there with about an hour to spare. We decided to grab some coffee since we needed to wake our asses up.

"Want some coffee?"

"Yes please." I said as we got up and walked toward Mayorga Coffee Roasters. 

They didn't have the best coffee, but it was something. We got two coffees to go as we sat back down and waited for the flight to board. An hour later we finally boarded the plane. We were both excited but yet tired at the same time. 

"I am so excited." CJ said as I laughed.

"Yes me too CJ, I can't wait to see the pool and see the rooms." I said.

"I know, now we are having rooms next to each other right?"

"Right." I said as she smiled.

"Awesome. I wonder if your brother is coming to the awards." 

"I think he is , but I am not sure. I think we are sitting next to him." I said.

We got in and sat down into the plane, we got first class thankfully because my brother wouldn't want it any other way for us. The plane filled up quickly as we got ready as the plane backed up and out from the gate.

"Wow, Vegas here we come." I said as CJ laughed.

"Is your brother going to meet us there?" She asked.

"No, Patrick is going to come I think tomorrow. He isn't going to be on the same floor I don't think but knowing him he would make it where he is next to us." I said laughing.

"Your brother is a piece of work." 

"I know, hes a pain in my ass." I said to her as she laughed.

We sat there as the plane took off. A few hours later we finally arrived to the gates in Vegas. It was already hot and I could tell it was definitely not the same hot we have during the summer in Pittsburgh. I collected my things as CJ did as well. We got off the plane and walked toward the baggage claim. We got our bags off the conveyor belt as we headed outside to meet the car service driver. 

"Ms. Sharp?" The man had said.

"That is me." I said.

"Can I see some ID so I can make sure I am taking the right person?" He asked.

"Sure." I said as I got my ID out and gave it to him.

"Ok thank you  , right this way please." He said taking our bags and putting them in the trunk.

Patrick had gotten us a full limo service and for what I am not sure. We got in as he drove off. 

"So ladies, where to." 

"Palms hotel please." I said.

"Here for the awards I take it?"

"Yes, most definitely." CJ said.

"You wouldn't happen to be related to any NHL player are you? Because there is a sharp from the Chicago Blackhawks that is supposed to come tomorrow." He said.

"Patrick Sharp, yes he is my brother." I said.

CJ and I looked out through the windows. It was beautiful and so amazing out here. It was totally pool weather as we both laughed at some lady running by in a mini skirt with 8 inch hooker heels with a tube top.

"She belongs on the corner where the prostitutes are." I said.

"You aren't kidding, someone should tell her to add some clothes since she is not skinny at all to be wearing that.." 

We arrived to the hotel as the guy let us out. The bellhop helped us with our bags as I tipped the guy and thanked him for being so kind to us. We headed into the hotel as it looked so beautiful. I looked around and stunned totally. All the players and their girlfriends are staying here. Some families are staying here as well.  I looked around as CJ and I checked in. I looked to the right to see Alexander Ovechkin. The worlds biggest whore and the worlds dirtiest player on the ice. He was eyeballing us as I nudged CJ.

"Eww, ovechkin to the right eyeballing us. I think I might puke my brains out." I said to her as she bursted out laughing.

"Eww your right." She said as we bursted out laughing.

"he looks worst than a damn donkey with his head stuck in an elephants ass." I said as we grabbed our stuff and made our way toward the floors. 

We walked to the elevators as Alex made his way toward us. The doors closed before he got to us as we headed up to the 10th floor. We got up there as we headed toward the rooms. We got in both of them as they looked so amazingly awesome. I couldn't believe this and it looked so awesome as I heard a knock at the door.

"Oh my god,  these rooms are so amazing." CJ said as I laughed.

"I know, I love this place." I said to her.

"Lets go down to the pool, it looks so beautiful outside." She said as I nodded.

I got out my bathing suit as I hurried up. 

My bathing suit: 

I put my summer dress over it as I took my head phones and I-pod just in case I would need it. I put my suntan lotion in my bag as I got ready and headed to CJ's. I got to her room as she finished getting ready.

CJ's bathing suit: 

"Ready to go?" I asked her.

"Yep, lets hit that pool and get the best tan ever." She said as we both headed out of her room and down to the pool area.

We got out there where Ovechkin and some of his teammates were. I couldn't stand to even look at them. We found our lounge chairs as we set our stuff down. I took off sundress as we laid down. Ovechkin walked over and started putting on his ugly ass moves.

"Hello ladies, how are you doing?" He said in his broken english.

"I was good until you walked over here." CJ said as I laughed.

"Ohh fighting off the Ovechkin Charm." 

"Eww, what Charm, your a dumbass arrogant asshole who should go find the nearest hooker , or how about the nearest elephant so they can kick you in your head." I said.

"You don't know me, maybe if you get to know me you might like me."

"Pshh, i know all about your dumbass STD self, plus my brother would not like you talking to me right now annoying the shit out of me." I said.

"Who is your brother?"

"Patrick Sharp, so I suggest you keep on moving." I said.

"I thought she said to leave her alone." I heard a familiar voice say.. 

It was the one man I had always been in love with and for some reason he always takes my breath away.


  1. Uh oh I wonder who it could be!!! Great story so far I love it. "He looks like a damn monkey with his head stuck in an elephant's ass." Too funny. I definitely love this story, I would kill to be Sharpie's sister.

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    omfg who the fuck was behind her!!!!????

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