Friday, May 14, 2010

Chapter 3

I woke up with the sun shining through the curtains. Andrew next to me and most importantly we were finally together. I looked at him as he was so adorable sleeping. My brother was coming in today and was going to go golfing with the boys. I wasn't sure how he would react to me being with Andrew. I looked around as the sun blinded my eyes for a brief moment.

"Morning baby." He said hugging me.

"Morning hun." I said as we both smiled.

"How did you sleep?"

"Very well now that your next to me, how did you sleep?"

"Excellent that you are here." He said as I smiled.

He kissed me good morning as we laid around for a good part of the morning. We heard a knock at the door as it was Jordan and CJ. I am surprised they even were able to get up this morning. CJ was already for our day for shopping.

CJ's outfit:

"Morning. I am surprised you can even wake up." I said to them as they walked into the room.

"I know right, we should get some coffee, I have the worst headache ever." CJ said.

"I am with you on that. My head is spinning, we should try eating something too. We can have breakfast then we can shop while the boys play golf." I said.

"Sounds like fun. When is Patrick getting in?" She asked.

"Soon. I believe in an hour and a half." I said as Andrew got up and headed for the showers.

"I am going in the shower baby. Love you." He said kissing me.

"Love you too, go ahead." I said as Jordan and CJ sat down on the chairs near the kitchen.

"He said he loves you?" Jordan asked.

"Yep, he said he has been in love with me ever since we met." I said.

"Awww. I am so happy for you both, what do you think Pat is going to say?" CJ said.

"Who knows. Andrew is going to break it to him during golf." I said as we got our stuff ready.

Andrew walked out of the shower in his shorts and with his golf stuff. I grabbed my stuff ready for a quick shower as CJ and Jordan already showered. I hopped into to the shower to make me wake up. I finished up as I got out and blow dried my hair. I put my makeup on as I finished up.

My outfit:

I hurried up and finished up as I walked out and joined CJ, Jordan and Andrew who were hanging out. I hugged Andrew as he kissed me. I then heard a knock at the door as Jordan opened it.

"Hey Jordan." Kaner said as he walked in with Kris Versteeg.

"LC!" Kris said.

"Sup Steeger." I said as he laughed.

"Not much, how are you? When the hell did you get here?"

"I am excellent. I got here yesterday." I said as he laughed.

"CJ, this is one of my brothers teammates, Kris Versteeg , this is my best friend CJ." I said to him as he laughed.

"Nice to meet you CJ." He said.

"Nice to meet you too." She said shaking his hand.

We finished up as the boys got ready to go. Andrew kissed me goodbye as Steeger and Kaner looked at me like wow.

"Are you guys finally together?" Kris asked Andrew and I .

"Yep." I said back to kissing Andrew.

"About fucking time." Kaner said.

"These two deny it always they wanted each other." Steeger said.

"You do realize half the team is jealous of Andrew." Kaner said.

"How are they all jealous of him?" CJ asked.

"They all want to bring the milkshake to her yard if you get what I am saying. Burish, Dave Bolland, Buff." Kaner said.

"Shut up Kaner." Andrew and I both said as we laughed.

"Come on love birds,  we need to get to the golf course, my brother is meeting me there." Jordan said.

"Bye baby. Call me when you get to the mall."

"Bye baby, call me when you talk to my brother." I said to him as he sighed.

"I will, I love you." He said.

"I love you too." I said as the boys jetted off with their golf clubs.

"Come on sissy." CJ said as I laughed.

We took the car service to the nearest mall. It just happened to be down the street from the golf course that the boys were going to. We got into the limo as we smiled.

"Morning ladies, where to?" The driver said.

"Fashion Show mall please." I said.

"Ok sure." He said as we buckled up.

We put the windows down and it was such a gorgeous day. I looked out as he drove up to the mall. We put up the windows as we smiled and got out. All we had to do was call him when we were done with the mall.

 "Ready to shop?" CJ asked.

"Yep, let me call Andrew quickly." I said.

"I need to call Jordan too." CJ said as I smiled at her.

I dialed Andrew's number as I smiled.

"Hey baby, you made it to the mall?"

"Yes baby, did you make it to the golf course?" I asked him.

"Yep, your brother isn't here yet." He said.

"I hope he doesn't get mad." I said.

"He wont, I think he would rather prefer us together." He said.

"Ok baby, go have fun ok, I will see you when you get back and Love you." I said.

"I love you too hunny, enjoy your day with CJ." He said.

"I will bye baby."

"Bye baby." He said as I hung up the phone.

"Did you talk to Jordan?" I asked CJ.

"Yep, he is so amazing." She said.

"You two are so cute together. He seems to take care of you and has so much respect for women." I said.

"You and Andrew are so cute. I am happy that you are together and you always loved each other." She said as I smiled.

We walked into a few stores and found some great sweat outfits. I grabbed a few night clothes for my nights with Andrew as I smiled. CJ got a few as well as we checked out. We decided to grab something to eat and some good food it was. CJ and I walked into California Pizza Kitchen as we sat down and ordered food.

::::Andrew's POV:::

I waited for the rest of the boys to hurry up. Marc and Jordan Staal had arrived as one of my oldest friends Eric, who are both Marc and Jordan's brothers as well had finally arrived. Steeger and Kaner had gotten their stuff ready as Sharp walked up. I was nervous to tell him about me and LC being together, I wasn't sure how he would take it. Burish also walked up with buff and bolland who are also in love with LC. 

"Are you going to tell him now?" Jordan asked.

"Yeah I have to." I said.

"Hey Andrew." Sharp, Burish, Buff and Bolland had said.

"Hey guys, Sharp can I speak to you alone in private?" I asked him.

"Yeah sure bro whats up?" Sharp asked me as I sighed.

"Before you say anything, let me talk first." 

"Ok go for it."

"I am dating your sister. Now I had thought about this and thought it would be better if I told you. We aren't having sex, we are dating and you know how long I have been in love with her." I said trying to make sure he doesn't get upset.

"About fucking time you two are dating." 

"Your not mad?"

"Hell no, I would be more pissed if it was Burish, Bolland or Buff if either of them dating her, but I know you two have loved each other since the first day. I am not mad, just if you hurt her, I will rip your throat out." 

"I wouldn't doubt it. I love her more than anything, you know how long I have wanted to be with her and I would never hurt her." I said reassuring him.

"True, I know you wouldn't. How do we tell Burish, Bolland and Buff that she is off the market?" 

"Let me do it." I said laughing.

"Sure thing." He said as I walked up to them.

"So I wonder what my girl is doing?" I sound loudly making the three wonder.

"Andrew ladd is dating someone and we never knew that?" Bolland asked.

"Do we know her?" Buff said

"Is she hott?" Burish asked.

"Yes to all three." I said.

"Who is it?" Buff asked.

"My sister." Sharp said as they dropped their jaw.

"Wait a minute... your lying." Buff said.

"Nope, she chose me yesterday." I said.

"Pat, did you know that Ovechkin tried hitting on them, but her and CJ both denied him like the dick he is?" 

"I am going to kill that bastard if he ever tries to come near her again." Sharp said which made me laugh.

"Did you forget about the part where I saved her and made ovechkin leave?" I said.

"Oh yeah, Ladd and I walked up, which we saw ovechkin still hounding them so we made him leave." Kaner said as sharp smiled.

"Thanks guys for looking out for her. I don't trust that dick near my sister or around CJ as well."

"No problem bro." Kaner and I said as we laughed.

We golfed as I smiled. I called LC to let her know that everything was cool with Pat. I really love her, she is so amazing. She is beautiful , she can handle her own, she is just flat out amazing and most of all my girl. I can see my life with her and for sure marrying her someday. I looked at Sharp who smiled and I knew everything was good between us.

"So did you and her started dating yesterday?" Bolland asked.

"Yep, I saved her from ovechkin of course putting moves on her and we hung out at the pool yesterday, went back and hung out for a while at her room."

"Are you sleeping with her yet?" Burish asked.

"No I am not, we don't want to rush into anything yet and we sure as hell will never tell you when we do." I said firmly. 

"I can't believe she chose you over someone as hott as me." Buff said.

"Obviously she doesn't think your hot if she didn't choose you, plus she chose me, so be jealous." I said as I went and took my turn on the hole..

Jordan was up as he hit the ball into the bush, then the next hole he almost hit someone and screamed "OH SHIII" which caused everyone to laugh. Steeger of course got lazy and complaining as he asked "Carry me Ladd" which made me roll my eyes, so he jumped on my back while Buff and Burish took our bags and brought it with them. I carried Steeger to the golf cart.

"Your such a lazy ass." I said.

"Yeah so?"

"Geez Steeger. I might tell your momma." I said.

"Ohhhh like I am scared. Ok maybe I am of her." He said as I laughed.

We spent the next few hours golfing and I couldn't wait to see my girl soon. I missed her so much...

:::LC'S POV:::

We finished up shopping. We spent most of the money we had won as we bought dresses for the awards show as well as other things for our men. It was so much fun spending time with CJ. We finished up and made sure we were back before the boys would get back. The boys were finishing up their holes as as the limo driver came and got us. We got back in with lots of bags.

"Have fun today?" The driver asked.

"Oh yes we did. Lots of shopping." CJ said as I smiled.

"I see that, get anything good ?"

"Dresses for the awards show."

"Are you ladies going to it?"

"Oh yes. her brother got us tickets and our boyfriends are going to be in the audience."

"Who is your brother?"

"Patrick Sharp from the Chicago Blackhawks and my boyfriend is Andrew Ladd also from the Blackhawks."

"Cool and who is your boyfriend?"

"Jordan Staal from the Pittsburgh Penguins."

"Awesome. Enjoy your time here ladies, you will love it." He said pulling up to the hotel.

"Thank you sir, have a good day." I said getting out of the limo as the boys were outside waiting for us.

"LC!" Patrick said as I grabbed my bags and ran for him.

"Hey bro!" I said hugging him.

"Hows my baby sister doing?"

"I am happy."

"I see and I am so glad you are. Hey CJ what up little sister?" He often called CJ.

"I am doing awesome, how are you bro?"

"Good, I am so glad to see you girls happy." He said as I hugged Andrew.

"Hey baby, I missed you." Andrew said as I smiled.

"I missed you too." I said as I kissed him.

"You really went shopping today." He said as I laughed.

"A girl needs her clothes." I said.

"Did you girls have fun today?" Jordan saying hugging CJ.

"Hell yeah, we really went shopping." CJ said.

"We got our dresses for the awards." I said.

"Awesome, I am sure you both picked out amazing dresses." Andrew said as I smiled.

"Thank you baby, now help me take up my bags." I said.

"I was going to do it anyways." He said as he kissed me.

"Did you boys play nice today?" I asked.

"Yep we sure did." Kaner said.

"Hey Bur, Bolland, and Buff." I said hugging onto Andrew.

"Hey LC." They said staring at me.

"Stop with the drooling boys, I picked Andrew because he is the love of my life." I said hugging Andrew.

Andrew and I walked upstairs to my room as Patrick came as well to hang out with us for a while. The boys were hungry so we all decided to put the stuff down in the rooms and go for some late lunches by the pool. Tonight was a relaxing night around the hotel. No one wanted to drink or even want to get dressed up to go anywhere. Ovechkin was nearby again and with his annoying self , this time he brought his buddies along as well.

"So there is the feisty girl." Ovechkin said.

"Didn't I already dissed you to your face?" I said.

The boys got up in protection to me. They stood in front of Ovechkin and his buddy as I got up as well.

"Ovechkin, you need to leave her alone and stop stalking them. This is the last time I have to warn you." Andrew said.

"She wants me I can tell."

"I would rather eat worms and dirt for the rest of my life for dinner than have to look at your dumb STD toothless Donkey ass who smells like they just dove into a swamp infested lake." I  said as he and his buddy exited.

"You sure told his ass off." My brother said.

"Bro, I can handle myself. Plus I learned it from you." I said laughing.

We all ordered our drinks as we smiled. We ordered the food as well as I decided to have the chicken strips with mashed potatoes and a salad with thousand island dressing.

"So you guys want to hit the hot tub tonight?" I asked everyone.

"Sure." They agreed.

"We can hang out in the hot tub , have a get together?" CJ said.

"That sounds like fun." Jordan said as we all agreed.

The waitress came back with our stuff as Kaner already hitting on her. Does this boy not stop?

"Do you ever stop with your cheesy pick up lines Kaner?" I said laughing.

"No." He said laughing.

"You are something else Kaner. For as long as I known you, you will never change." I said.

"I don't plan on it." He said as the table was full of laughter.

It was awesome, having my friends here. My boyfriend Andrew, My best friend CJ and her boyfriend and my brother most importantly. I loved every minute of this and most of all I was having the time of my life thanks to my brother. We finished up our food as we paid and headed upstairs. Everyone changed and got ready for the hot tub. I put my new bathing suit on.

My bathing suit: 
I got mine on as CJ and Jordan walked into our room.

CJ's Bathing Suit:

Jordan and Andrew got the tub ready as Patrick, Kaner, Burish, Bolland, and Buff came into the room.

"Wow girls, you look hott." Kaner said.

"Eat your heart out." I said to him as we laughed.

We got into the hot tub as it felt good. My body was tired, so this was perfect for us to relax. We all hopped in and grabbed beers for everyone. I grabbed one for myself as we all hung out in the hot tub.

"So what is going to happen when we start up hockey again?"

"I am coming back with you." I said to Andrew.

"You are?"

"Yep. CJ will stay in Pittsburgh, I will visit her a lot, but my heart and my head is with you. We discussed it earlier." I said to him as he kissed me.

"Eww get a room you two." Kaner said.

"We can't, this is our room." I said as they laughed hysterical.

A few hours later and finished beer everyone went to their respective rooms. Thankfully my brother is in the floor below us which made me feel better. I changed into my outfit that I had bought for Andrew. Not sure if tonight was tonight or not, but I hope it would be.

My outfit:

I changed and headed for bed while Andrew got ready for bed. I waited as he came out and looked at me.

"Holy shit." He said.

"Do you like it?" I asked.

"You look smoking hot. I don't think I can wait with you being in that." He said.

"Get over here baby and do something about it." I said as he laughed and jumped onto the bed with me.

He kissed me and kissed me as he touched my skin, He quickly got up and put some music on and lit up candles as he jumped back into bed. He was quite the romantic. I looked at him as he began kissing me again. He pulled my clothes off and put his hands on my back. We quickly took our clothes off as he flipped me onto my back. A good 5 hrs later and endless sex it was the best feeling I have ever had. He knew how to make me happy and found that way.

"Oh baby I love you so much. That was the best sex I have ever had." He said as I smiled and kissed him again.

"I love you so much too." I said.

"Your glowing."

"Yeah it has to do with you baby. You make me so happy." I said as he smiled and laughed.

"I am so glad your brother knows about us and how much I am so in love with you." He  said.

"Thank you baby. I love you so much too." I said as I kissed him again.

We laid around resting as it got a little chilly in here. The temp drops at night as we got up and grabbed our clothes to put on. He turned the candles and music off and lit the fireplace.

My Pajamas:

"So what happens when we leave here?" He asked me.

"If you want to come back to Thunder Bay or do you want to come back to Pittsburgh or wherever you want to go?" I asked him.

"I would love for you to come back home with me." He said.

"For the summer?"

"Yeah, come home and meet my parents." He said as I smiled.

"I would love to meet your parents, you can meet mine if you want." I said.

"I met your dad already, your mom I haven't." He said as I smiled.

"I love you so much." I said to him.

"I love you so much too. My life always needed you in it, you are the one I have loved since I came to the blackhawks."

"I still can't believe you chose me." I said.

"What's not to love about you? Your amazing, your beautiful, your charming and your fun. I am shocked you chose me at all." He said as I smiled.

"Mr. Ladd, you are so damn amazing." I said as he laughed.

"I agree there." He said as we laughed.

We relaxed for the rest of the night as he held me. I loved everything about tonight. The first time we had sex and it made me the happiest person ever. I laid in his arms as we fell asleep.


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