Saturday, May 22, 2010

Chapter 5 // CJ Pov

This chapter will be in CJ's POV...

We stopped for the photo ops. All the flashing cameras taking pictures of Jordan and I together. I grabbed his hand as we smiled for the cameras. LC and Andrew took photo ops and of course she took some with her brother as well. We made it inside the arena, of course Ovendick hounding LC, so Andrew stood by her to protect her. They were so much in love her and Andrew and it was nice to see they were together. They have known each other for almost a year to two years already.We found our seats so the show can start. Justin Timberlake was hosting, which should be fun. LC sitting next to me and Andrew on the other side of her, as well as Sharp on the side of Andrew. The show was getting started as we all smiled. It was definitely a fun time to be here. Justin started off the show with a joke performance which had us laughing the entire time.

"So we have Jordan Staal and his lovely date. Andrew Ladd from the Chicago Blackhawks and his gorgeous looking date." He said as we laughed.

"So how you doin?" He said sitting in between LC and I .

"Very well thank you." We said.

He got up and headed to the next person as we laughed. It was hysterical as the show started off with a great way and some jokes. A while later the show was ending. We had so much fun during the show as we got up and headed out. We headed toward the after party where Jay-Z was performing and some other awesome musical artists. One of Kris Versteeg's favorites hit the stage as he started freaking out. He loves Fergie so he flipped a shit when she came out. He was so happy and grabbed a girl and headed to the dance floor. Big buff and Bolland were also having fun picking up chicks, these guys are something else. Jordan was near my side as Andrew and LC headed for the bar and grabbed some drinks and hit the dance floor. I had to make sure LC and Andrew were on their best behavior. I looked around as they disappeared.

"Jordan,where is Andrew and LC?" I asked.

"I don't know they were just over there with her brother." He said.

"I don't see Sharp either." I said.

"I am sure they are ok, Andrew and LC probably went back to the room to make love." He said.

"Probably. They can't keep their hands off each other." I said.

"Sounds like you and me." He said as he kissed me and hugged me.

A while later we kept drinking and drinking. We were having fun and of course loving this. A few hours later we were tired out. Kaner found some crazy ass girl to dance with and I laughed. I was so tired as we headed back to our hotel room. We walked to the elevators as we barely made it. Jordan and I were plastered drunk. He put his arms around me and started kissing my neck as we reached our floor. We got into the hotel room as he kissed me. He put his arms around me and kissed me so passionately. He lifted me up and put me down on the bed. He ripped my dress off me and I didn't really care because the only thing I needed was to feel him making love to me. He got on top as we got our clothes off. At least a few rounds of having sex, we were even more tired than before. We decided to order food since we were hungry. Jordan still naked got onto the phone and ordered Mozzarella sticks and two sodas to try and get us sober again.

"Should we order that and some cheesecake?" Jordan asked.

"Sure. I can use some good cheesecake too." I said.

"Ok, all ordered and ready. After that did you want to use some hot tub?" He said as I smiled.

"Baby, you know it." I said as he got back into bed and started kissing me again.

We had made another round of sex as we got up and shoved our bathing suits on. I was happier than ever. We heard a knock at the door as it was room service. We ate and tried to sober up as we ate the food.

My bathing suit:

We finished up and put the cart outside the door as I got back inside. Jordan set up the hot tub as we both hopped in. I kissed him and kissed him as he turned me around and massaged my back.

"I think the kids are back to their room." I said to Jordan.

"How do you know?"

"I just heard LC giggle and laughing and say I love you Andrew Ladd." I said as he laughed.

"Sounds like them." He said as we both hung out in the hot tub and kissed each other.

I looked at him and smiled. I love my life, there is nothing in my life that can go wrong. My best friend finally got with her man, the one person that makes her happy in so many levels, I have my man now. I never thought I would get with Jordan Staal, ever. I can see us being together for a long time. There is nothing that can shock me now... until what LC and Andrew had written a note and said they have an announcement to make in the morning over breakfast and this sure will shock me...


  1. can jordan ever wait? no. hahahahaha. i can't wait for the shocking announcement!! love it sissy!

  2. you can onl imanage what the announcement is gonna be at breakfast.

    im not surprised jordan called room service naked at all lol, besides all the sex they had.

  3. Uh-Oh can't wait to see what they have to say!