Saturday, May 15, 2010

Chapter 4

Sun shining through the curtains. Andrew and I finally made love, the one place that made me happy. I rolled over as I smiled. He looked more beautiful each morning and definitely the love of my life.Today was awards night. I had love the dress I picked and I really hope he does too. I looked at Andrew as he smiled at me.

"Morning gorgeous." He said to me as he kissed me.

"Morning my love." I said as I kissed him.

We got up and made some coffee as my head spun around like mad nuts. I had the worst headache, maybe from drinking so much the past two days, but I wasn't complaining because it brought me Andrew. I heard a knock on the door as it was Jordan and CJ who barely was awake.

"Feel the same way we do?" Jordan asked.

"Yeah more than you want to know. I can't even walk." I said as he slightly laughed.

"I don't want to know." Jordan said as we tried cracking smiles.

"Lets grab something to eat." I suggested.

"Breakfast, room service is more like it." Andrew said as we ordered room service.

"We need to sober up badly." Jordan said.

"Yeah we need to be good for tonight." CJ said.

"You girls got everything like your shoes and your dresses?" Andrew said.

"Yep." CJ and I said at the same time.

I had ordered two eggs, bacon and pancakes while CJ ordered pancakes and sausage. We got everything set up as we waited for the food. A few minutes later our food had arrived. We sat down as I smiled. We dug into our food as I looked at CJ who was feeding Jordan as I had laughed at it. Jordan loving every bit of it too as well. We finished up breakfast and totally felt better. CJ and I had appointments at the salon this afternoon for them to do our makeup and our hair. The boys wanted to pay for it so we smiled.

"That breakfast was good." I said.

"Do you always eat like that?" Jordan asked.

"Yep." CJ and I said as I laughed.

"Wow, that was a lot of food."

"I was very hungry." I said as he laughed.

We laid around for a while in the room as I changed into my outfit for the day.

My outfit:

CJ's outfit:

A while later the maid took the cart back downstairs after we had finished with our meal. It was definitely a great breakfast. The boys had surprised us and got us two appointments before the salon for some massages while the boys had laid around.

"Thank you boys for the massages." I said to them as I jumped onto Andrew.

"Your welcome love." He said as I kissed him.

We grabbed the room key as we headed out for the appointment.

"I can't believe the boys got us spa appointments."  CJ said.

"I can't either." I said as we reached the spa center.

"Hello can I help you ladies?" The man at the front desk.

"We have two spa appointments today." I said.

"What is your room numbers?" He asked.

"I am on floor 10, room 1050." I said.

"Same floor but in the next room, 1052." CJ said.

"Ohh yes Ms. Sharp and Ms. Spencer. Right this way ladies." He said as he showed us the room to change into.

We put our bags in the area that are marked guests of the hotel as we had a key lock for our bags and belongings.

"This is going to be so good." CJ said.

"I know right. Something to relax us while the boys are doing god knows what, probably sleeping." I said.

"Most likely." I said as we giggled.

We walked into a room as we got onto a table with our towels wrapped around us. A few hours later we got up and dressed and headed for the salon. We got into the salon as they took us and washed our hair. Did everything we had to. The lady did our hair as I smiled. She washed my hair and made me look absolutely beautiful. We were so relaxed and thankfully that whole spa thing was calming. My body needed it.

"My body needed that spa." CJ said as I smiled.

"I know, I needed it. I never have been so relaxed before in my life." I said.

"Me either. I wonder how crazy tonight will be?"

"Pretty crazy." I said.

"Are you ladies going tonight?" The hairdresser said.

"Yes we are."

"Do you have any dates or are you going with anyone?"

"Our boyfriends." I said.

"They are hockey players and are apart of it." CJ said.

"Awesome. I am making you beautiful women even more beautiful." She said as we both smiled.

A while later we finished up and got out of there. 20 questions an hour about our relationships with out boyfriends and who they are. We headed back to the room as we grabbed a few snacks on the way from the vending machines. I headed into my room as CJ headed into hers as it was almost time to go to the awards. I ate the snack as Andrew finished up his shower.

"Hey baby, how was your spa and hair?"

"It was amazing baby, thank you so much." I said as I hugged him.

"Relaxed huh?" He asked.

"Yeah I am, totally." I said.

"I missed you."

"I missed you too, I love you." I said.

"I love you too." He said kissing me.

"I need to jump into the shower. I will be back in a few." I said as he smiled.

"Ok baby, I will be finishing up out here. I am going to order some food, do you want anything?"

"I would like a salad please. the fried chicken salad with no tomatoes and thousand island dressing please." I said as he smiled.

"You got it baby." He said.

I jumped into the shower as I had my cap on my head so my hair doesn't get messed up. I finished up my shower and got out. Put my bathrobe on as I walked out. Andrew set up as the salads had arrived. I wanted to try their fried chicken salad as we sat down.

"This looks so good." I said as he smiled.

"I agree. I am starving." He said.

"What did you do while CJ and I went downstairs?"

"I slept, clean up a little. Chill out with Jordan."

"Aww." I said.

"How is the salad?"

"Excellent. I love it. Chicken is done perfectly. the eggs are perfectly set in there. How are yours?"

"Very good." He said as I smiled.

We finished up as he put the cart outside the door for the maid to pick it up. We got ready as I got my dress on.

My dress:

"Wow you look so hott." Andrew said to me.

"Thank you baby, you look so fucking gorgeous." I said to him as he laughed.

"No way, you look so drop dead gorgeous. If we didn't have to leave I would take you right now and be in bed all night." He said as I kissed him.

"I love you so much. Tonight you can please me." I said to him as he laughed.

"Baby you know I am so down for that." He said as Jordan and CJ were ready.

CJ's Dress:

The rest of the guys met us downstairs.

"I love the dress sis." CJ said.

"I love yours too. I love that color on you." I said as she smiled.

"Navy works the best for you. Absolutely beautiful." CJ said back as we smiled.

"Wow LC, you look amazingly beautiful." Jordan said.

"Thank you Jordan, you look handsome yourself." I said as she smiled.

We headed downstairs to the lobby area as Patrick my brother was nearby.

"Wow, my sisters, you look so gorgeous." Patrick said as I smiled.

"Thank you bro. I can't believe you cleaned up nicely." I said as he laughed.

We headed to the awards of course to find someone standing there waiting for me. I rolled my eyes as he would not leave me alone.


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